Mini-course on Quantum Groups

This is an ongoing series of 12 lectures on quantum groups I am giving at the Perimeter Institute (as part of the 'Grad Talks' series). It started by a couple of PI grad students asking me to teach them about quantum groups in a casual conversation, and it turned into a long-ish open-to-all lecture series. The talks take place on (most) Mondays at 11 a.m. in the Alice Room (usually).

The lectures are intended as an introduction to quantum groups, building up to some important developments of the theory. I hope that these lectures will be somewhat helpful for students working in quantum information and quantum gravity, and will be interesting to others. And I hope that my presentation and organization skills will improve as the series grow. Below I briefly summarize each lecture, with lecture notes attached as they become ready. Thanks to Jacob Stauttener and PI, video recordings of the lectures are available online (on PIRSA). Please don't hesitate to contact me (see below for contact info) if you have questions or suggestions about these lectures.

Speaker: Lucy Liuxuan Zhang (lzhang *at^ math *dot^ utoronto *dot^ ca).

Content of past talks

Plan for future talks

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