2010 Winter Learning and Research

Here, I blog about math along with my other happenings (not very consistently). I also keep a wishlist for things I'd like to learn about and a summary outlining things I've accomplished.

Definition: MY 2010 WINTER begins on Sunday, December 27, 2009 (after I get back from Costa Rica) and ends on Saturday, May 1, 2010.


Green Other than math/physics
Red Evalution
Purple In progress
Blue Finished (at least for now)
Magenta In retrospect

Wishlist (Go to Longer Wishlist)


Date Rep Theory Topology & Geometry Homological Algebra & Category TQFTs Categorification Quiver Topological Phases Topological QEC Others Eval
Dec.27 -Jan.2
Jan.3 -Jan.9
Jan.10 -Jan.16
Jan.17 -Jan.23 OFF (QIP)
Jan.24 -Jan.30 OFF (German)
Jan.31 -Feb.6
Feb.7 -Feb.13 (HHO concert)
Feb.14 -Feb.20 (reading week)
Feb.21 -Feb.27
Feb.28 -Mar.6
Mar.7 -Mar.13 (opera week)
Mar.14 -Mar.20
Mar.21 -Mar.27
Mar.28 -Apr.3 OFF (vacation)
Apr.4 -Apr.10 (committee meeting)
Apr.11 -Apr.17
Apr.18 -Apr.24 (London Kiwanis)
Apr.25 -May.1

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