2009 Fall Learning and Research

Here, I blog about math along with my other happenings. I also keep a wishlist for things I'd like to learn about and a summary outlining things I've accomplished.

Definition: MY 2009 FALL begins on Sunday, August 23, 2009 (after I get back to Canada) and ends on Saturday, December 26, 2009 (the day when I return from my 2-week vacation).


Green Other than math/physics
Red Evalution
Purple In progress
Blue Finished (at least for now)
Magenta In retrospect

Wishlist (Go to Longer Wishlist)


Date Algebraic Geometry Algebraic Knot Theory Rep Theory Topology & Geometry Homological Algebra & Category Standard QFT Categorification Quiver Quantum Groups TQFTs Topological Phases Topological QEC QMA- Completeness Geometry of QC Quantum Gravity Others Eval
Aug.23 -Aug.29 little Perrin little Fulton-Harris Dror Discussion some Barkalov-Kirillov Levin-Wen little Brundan-Stroppel A-
Aug.30 -Sep.5 some Perrin Dror_3 little Bredon Dror,
little Lauda
Levin-Wen Hector,
Aharonov et al.,
Fotini et al. A
Sep.6 -Sep.12 some Perrin Fotini et al. (talk) OFF (orientation etc.)
Sep.13 -Sep.19 some Perrin online lecture Fotini et al.,
B (MGSA turnover)
Sep.20 -Sep.26 some Perrin
online lecture some Dror_2 some Poulin C (room sublet)
Sep.27 -Oct.3 some Perrin Discussion Discussion some Poulin C (opera week)
Oct.4 -Oct.10 OFF (grading)
Oct.11 -Oct.17 little PSI wiki Discussion little Freedman et al. Dowling et al,
Nielsen et al.,
Oct.18 -Oct.24 x little Fulton-Harris,
some Humphreys
x x x x Geiss et al. x x x x
topological entanglement entropy (talk)
Aharonov et al. x
x perverse sheaves (talk) A
Oct.25 -Oct.31 little Perrin x Humphreys x x x Discussion x x Buerschaper-Aguado,
x x
x x
Nov.1 -Nov.7 x x some Humphreys x x x x Levin-Wen,
some Kitaev,
little Hector_2,
x x x proofread Daniel A- (Santa Barbara)
Nov.8 -Nov.14 x online lecture x x x Geiss et al.,
x x
some Kitaev x x
Hamiltonian problems (talk)
x x A- (Santa Barbara)
Nov.15 -Nov.21 x (x) x some Savage x (x) some Kitaev, Discussion x x x Wooters (talk) B- (NATS competition)
Nov.22 -Nov.28 Discussion little Kitaev OFF(HHO concert & recital prep)
Nov.29 -Dec.5 Discussion OFF (recital & grading)
Dec.6 -Dec.12 some Savage F
Dec.13 -Dec.19 OFF (vacation: Spanish)
Dec.20 -Dec.26 OFF (vacation)

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