2011 Winter Learning and Research

Here, I blog about math along with my other happenings (not very consistently). I also keep a summary outlining things I worked on or have accomplished. I try to practice the violin everyday, so it's intentionally left of the record because it's quite regular. Winter 2011 refers to January-April 2011.


Green Other than math/physics
Magenta Goals
Red Attention!


Date Representation theory Topology & Geometry Categorification Thesis
(Math of TQC)
Geometric FT Public services
Feb 20-27 Joel's notes Sec 3
{Bredon} Ch 2 [Kirillov] MathCamp app
Mentorship #1
Letter to Murty
Feb28-Mar4 Joel's notes Sec 4 [L] XY-pic Discussion (1) MathCamp app
Encourage people
Mentorship #2
Mar 6-11 Joel's notes Sec 4 [KitaevK] MGSA support
Mentorship #3
Letter to Dror
Mar 13-18 Joel's notes Sec 5 {Bredon} Ch 1, 2, 5 [KL1] [KitaevK] Discussion (3.5)
Reading (2.5)
Mentorship #4/1-2a
Mar 20-25 Joel's notes Sec 5 {Bredon} Ch 2, 5 [KL1]
Idea 1 Discussion (1.5)
Reading (2.25)
MGSA support
Math Talent Show
MSO concert
Mar27-Apr1 CONF @ FIELDS [Kleshchev]
Learning Talk
MGSA Abstract
Brain storming 1
Mentorship #5
Apr 3-8 Joel's notes Sec 5 [Buerschaper]
Writeup 1
Kirillov's visit
Mentorship #6
HHO concert
Apr 10-15 [LK3]
Idea 2
Committee meet
Writeup 2
Apr 17-22 DCA app
QI conf Abstract
IQI visit and Talk
MGSA chess
Apr 24-29 [Bohm1]
WomPhy Abstract
Federal vote
2010 Taxes .. grrr ..
Mentorship #7
Mentorship #8/7a
Poster commitment
Letter to Women
Encourage people
JobFair idea
MGSA chess

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